WindowsAndroid 4.0.3

Client for running Android applications within Windows environment

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Developing applications and downloading them is one way to experience new games, while exploring a wide variety of platforms. If you are interested in accessing the Android operating system on your Windows computer, it is now possible by downloading Windows Android.

What is Windows Android?

Windows Android is a downloadable software program that gives you the ability to access the Android operating system right from your own Windows desktop. Currently, the program is only supported on Windows operating systems. The program is downloadable from a variety of open source communities, giving both developers and traditional users the chance to grab a copy.

The Benefits of Downloading Windows Android

One of the best features of Windows Android software is that it is free to use and it is also updated to the latest version of Android, 4.0.4. You can test applications and try new games or software before installing them to your phone when you use Windows Android. Loading Windows Android only requires a few seconds, and will not disrupt any other tasks you have going on within your actual Windows operating system.

It is also a lot easier to begin learning more about the development of Android and how the system works if you do not have a mobile phone but you do have a Windows operating system. While you are using Windows Android, there are no restrictions on running other programs, making it convenient to launch other software in the background you may be working with simultaneously.

Cons of Windows Android

Although the program is free to use and easy to install, Windows Android does not currently support sound, which may not allow you to get the full user experience from some of the applications you want to use on your computer. Additionally, you are required to manually install all of the applications you want on your phone yourself, which may be challenging if you do not have experience with installing programs and software otherwise.

Because it is required to manually install applications and software on your own, Windows Android does not offer Google Play or the Google Store within the program. Instead, you must install the applications by locating the correct folder within your computer's hard drive.

Finding Applications and Programs for Windows Android

Because you cannot access the official application Google Play or Google Store from the downloaded Windows Android program, it is important to seek out the applications or game files you want individually. You can browse the official Google Store for applications right from you browser. Additionally, using online communities and forums can help you to find applications that are not available to download from traditional browsers.

Research the top-performing applications in any market, whether you want to produce a game, a financial application or even an organization tool. Knowing your competition is the first step to getting ahead as a developer when you are working in Android. The more familiar you are with already-developed user-design and interfaces, the easier it is to create a working application that is right for your brand and audience, regardless of whether you are promoting a website, product or service.

Who Can Use Windows Android

Using Windows Android is ideal if you simply want to have an additional Android extension on your computer or if you are interested in application and software development yourself. Using Windows Android to research software is a way for you to test your own applications before registering an API and actually creating an app on the marketplace.

For developers, Windows Android is a necessity, especially if you want to save time and have additional options of updating your application right from your desktop computer. When you are an app developer, installing programs such as Windows Android is a must. Having access to multiple developing platforms is a way to create applications and games that are truly universal and appealing. The more you work with both iOS and Windows, the easier it becomes to program and develop any application or software you have in mind.

Whether you prefer using Android applications of traditional Windows desktop applications or if you are a developer looking for additional platforms to work on, Windows Android has a solution for just about everyone.

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